Heller 81138 1.48 Patriot Instructions

Hi all,
I'm new to modeling, and got this Patriot missle battery(Heller 81138) from a
friend. All the parts are still in plastic, and the stickers are there...but
no instructions.
I dont see any way I can put this thing together with no instructions or
experience. I've searched high and low online, to no avail.
By any chance do any one of you have this kit and can scan and email me the
instructions, or know of someplace where they are posted online?
I thank you, and my 107 little patriot pieces thank you as well...
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I seem to recall that the Heller Patriot is a rebox of the Arii kit. I have the entire Arii Patriot setup, but can not locate it very easily.
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I'm going to find another kit to get started with right now, but I would really like to work on the patriot. If you come across the instructions, I would really appreciate it I can be reached at grcunning -at- gmail -dot- com Thanks, Gary
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grcunning via ModelGeeks.com

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