HLJ shipped my Hasegawa 1/32 Fw190A-8 today.

Got confirmation by e-mail today. I had it shipped by the fastest option.
How long will it take to get to USA?
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Peter Frearson
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I have ordered from HLJ twice over the last 6 months and both times it was approximately 7 days after I received the shipping confirmation, that the box arrived. I don't think I took the fastest shipping either and the cost was high. I cannot imagine what you are paying. This is not any fault of HLJ, just the way shipping costs nowadays in a post 9/11 2.00+ a gallon day and age. Cheers, Max Bryant
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Max Bryant
Just got confirmation mine was shipped today by SAL. Shipping was only = 980 yen, about =A35.10, UK Sterling. Not expensive for postage from = Japan.
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Andy Macrae

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