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Hello I have made some home made transfers with white transfer paper, what do I seal with, its says acrylic but my floor polish is causing runs and smudging. My test one ran badly despite being covered.

Any ideas on what to do please?

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Try MicroScale Liquid Decal Film.

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Enzo Matrix

I use Testors Glosscoat or Dullcoat, depending on whether I want a dull or shiny final finish. I use it from spray cans, and just mist the first coat on lightly. To wet a coat can cause the ink to run. A very light coat does not. Then, when that is dry, I put on a heavy second coat. Inkjet decals are still fragile, and you must be more careful with them than many of the silkscreened kit and aftermarket decals, but they are great for models for which there are no aftermarket decals.

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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

Couldn't find any sprays around town so tried cellulose laquer, got some GM stuff (reminds me need to spray the bumper), dries well and transfers SEEM ok.

However the edges break up (will paint them over) and white on black (white paper black printing) tend to smudge after a few hours and go unreadable.

So for third time lucky I have bought some mail order Humbrol recommended acrylic spray.

End transfers are about 8mm by 6mm (TOPS panels) and either black background or bauxite background writing is not printed and the colours sort of seep through, luckily the bauxite ones just look rusty. Black goes messy.

On one wagon I had to resort to my remains of SMS water slide sheets. But I will need to use my final sheet later in the week.

One thing does help - use grey rather than black as black tends to seep through just after printing.

Also leave a lot of white space.

Anyway need to spray some more plastic card in rail blue and engineers green and scan them.

There seems to be little home made transfer manufacture in railway modelling hence asking here.

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Did you airbrush the Future on the inkjet decals or brush it by hand? If you brushed it on by hand, that is likely the reason they smeared badly. When you spray a mist coat for the 1st pass, you are sealing the ink. If you flood the 1st coat, the liquid will dissolve the ink and make it run.

Remember the decal paper is just a carrier that holds the ink. You still have to do at least 2 overcoats to protect the ink and hold everything together. There is nothing wrong with using Future fllor wax as an overcoat, you just have to use a light touch and lightly mist the coating over the decal.

Dr. Spiff

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I used Klear and it caused the ink to run even with a light coat

After soaking - forget it

Car laquer - better luck but still seeps through

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