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Just a few observations to pass on after some recent experiments. My home PC runs MS Office XP, and the version of Word in this edition of Office contains a useful font called "Paddington" which approximates Gill Sans very well (but prob. a bit closer to Johnston's LPTB typeface); the only thing really missing (having tried *all* available fonts) is a decent arrow for "Way Out" signs! I've tried cream lettering on both orange (NER) and maroon (LMR) backgrounds with the inkjet on a "high quality" setting and using glossy photo-type paper, the results being very encouraging. Other ideas springing to mind as I write include carriage destination boards! In a similar vein, I've produced some home-made Flemish Bond brickpaper (using ordinary 50 gsm copier paper as it's nice and pliable round corners etc.) with the rather basic but easy-to-use PC Paintbrush package - seems pretty good, but getting the first few courses right needs some patience (after which you can cut & paste large blocks to taste)! All feedback in this area will be gratefully received.

David E. Belcher

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