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Excuse this venting of spleen, but after being away from the hobby for a
couple of years I've been amazed by the general crappiness of the online
shops. Whilst Hattons and Rails know what they are doing, have the stuff in
stock, and get it out to you pretty quick smart, others leave a lot to be
desired. My biggest gripe is that rather too many of them have product lists
that bear no relation whatsoever to the actual stock that they have. Two
prime culprits are the Southampton Model Centre's website and Bluestar
Model's one.
Check out:
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Both will quite happily let you order non-existent stock online!
When queried, one said that "...yes, the website is out of date but I have
no technical knowledge to shut it down" (!), whilst the other made no
apology whatsoever for apparently deceiving the punters!
And yes, they are just two of many!
Anybody got any recommendations for sites that have the stuff in stock, and
offer a good n' reliable service? I'd prefer sites where I can actually
order online, rather than having to call ahead.
Any advice gratefully received. And apologies again for venting frustration.
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(as you mentioned) and Mainly Trains
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I have enjoyed exceptional service from both.
-- Enzo
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Enzo Matrix
I order all my stuff online, as I live in the US now. I agree with you about one of the dealers you mention letting you order while not supplying. I put my plans on hold for two weeks awaiting delivery to no avail. Not the first time either.I will not be ordering from them again!! I wont mention their name, but it begins with a S :-). However I have found Hattons and Mainly Trains excellent, with stuff getting here quickly, and any problems or questions dealt with ASAP. Good people. Rob
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I've used
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and of course Hattons/e-hattons, both of whom have provided me with good service and prompt delivery.
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In message , Rob writes
I must add to this by saying that our very own rugby-league following John Turner does a very good service, although I freely admit that he fails on your main criterion as he does not have a web site where you can order things. But I have had no trouble when ordering things from him by email, so as far as I am concerned he is highly recommended.
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John Sullivan
Yup, a very good service from John apart from the usual he managed to get me a couple of hard to get discontinued Ratio coaches earlier in the year, full marks. For a couple of reasons "full marks with extra credit" goes to Dave Cleal at Mainly Trains. I can't recommend either of these two chaps highly enough.
Otherwise I haven't used any other mail order services preferring to buy locally.
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Chris Wilson

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