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I'm thinking of investing in a Fleischmann HO 6651C Electrically Operated Turntable.

But I first need to check whether it will fit in the space available. As far as I can see the length of the bridge is 310mm and I think that is also the diameter of the hole needed in the baseboard? But I need to know what is the diameter of the whole thing including the rim which the approach tracks sit on? This information doesn't seem to be on the Fleischmann website. I rang MG Sharp who have it in their online catalogue but they don't have one in stock to measure for me. Can anybody help please?

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Ed Callaghan
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Hello Ed,-

I have a data sheet on 6152 and I "think" the measures are the same - 6152 is for Profi tracks as you probably know.

6152 measures are as follows

310 mm for the bridge and inner rim as you write

385 mm for the outer rim If you mount 2 6153 tracks opposite each other the measure is 465 mm. Fleischmann suggests that the hole for the turntable should be 340 mm and the thickness of the plate should be 25 mm.

I hope this will help you. I am willing to send you a jpg/pdf of the datasheet by e-mail if you want.

Best regards Glenn B. Andersen, Denmark

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Glenn Andersen

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