How to Remove Mold Seam on 1/12 Ferrari 312T Tires?

got one suggestion to sand them down. I like the idea of sanding down the
tires to get a used look but that is gonna take some work to get the
seam down and gone.
A knife sounds to risky. Worth trying a seam scraper?
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who me?
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Try freezing them so the flash gets hard and is easier to slice off.
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Tom H
If you have a Dremel, make some kind of chuck to hold the tire in place , take a piece of sandpaper and run the Dremel spinning the tire against the sandpaper. Makes the tiretread look used.
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And if you're doing it by hand, sand across the tread. I forget where I got that tip from, but since I've been doing it that way my tires look a lot better.
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I was going to suggest the same thing, but you beat me to it. It works great too, I've been doing it to my kits for years. Mike G.
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Mike G.
Tape some 180 grit paper to a piece of glass and hold the tire by squeezing nee pinching the sidewalks and push down on the sand paper while giving it a rotational movement. Pinching the tire concentrates the sanding at the center eliminating the seam. After the seam is gone then reduce the pressure and sand out to the shoulder of the tire.
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The Model Hobbit
That sounds great; I'll be trying it. I usually use one of those four grit sanding sticks. Get the seam down with a heavy grit and follow with the lighter ones for a slightly used look. Cheers,
The Keeper (of too much crap)
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