Ignorant Tenx 7R question...

Just got my first bottle, hoping it's as great as
everyone's ever claimed. But I have a really
basic and trully ignorant question:
How do I apply it?
I just presumed that there was a bush or app-
licator thingy of some sort in the cap. Nope,
nothing of the sort. So, what do you guys use
to apply it?
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Drew Hill
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One of these is the recommended ticket -
formatting link
Or you can use a hypodermic needle. Or a brush. I like a #1 sable...for a lot of stuff. But I'd set one aside strictly for Tenax use and not for painting.
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Just use a fine pointed paint brush. A synthetic will hold up better than a natural hair type (sable or other). Use one brush exclusively for cement. It will accumulate dissolved plastic in the bristles over time, so it will be useless for painting. Gerald Owens
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Make sure you put the cap back on tight, that stuff evaporates really fast if you leave the lid off. Its a great glue!!
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