IPMS/Winston-Salem Model Show-MAY 1st 2004

Hi all, On May 1st 2004, IPMS/Winston-Salem will be hosting FULL MODEL JACKET-04, MAYDAY! MAYDAY!. This years contest theme is dedicated to the brave men & women who respond to that distress call everyday.Any rescue vehicle including police & fire are eligible.Along with the usual Best-of awards, we will also have 5 special awards. Best Natural Metal, Best auto finish, Best D-Day, Best Russian Armor and Best National Guard Subject. The contest venue is once again at the fine Oldtown Baptist Church's CLC building. There will of course be lots of vendors and a great raffle. So grab your friends, throw your plastic in the car and come see us on May 1st! For further info, the contact address is below. Thanks, Dave Pepper Chapter Prez. Steven Murphy

2004 Cottage Place Greensboro, NC 27455 336-288-2740 email at: snipped-for-privacy@wmconnect.com
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Dave Pepper
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Hey, your the guy that was running around in Atlanta all sultry and sessy!!!!

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Todd Anderson

Yes, and don't you forget it, sweetheart!

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