Jagdpanther and German Fallschirmjager

Hello everybody, This is the dilemma : I wish to build a diorama with a German Early Jagdpanther with a few Fallschirmjager sitting on it. The kit is the Revell 1/35 Early Jagdpanther and my intent is to paint the tank with that beatiful diagonal green and red stripes on the classic sand base color. On the kit box is specified that this camo was used in the Stalingrad battle by the 559th Panzerjager. So the question is:

- Are the german Fallschirmjager used in the Stalingrad battle ?

If not, the alternative is to make the diorama in the Ardennes offensive, but now the question is :

- was the EARLY jagdpanther used in the Ardennes ? and wich camo was used on this front ?

Thank you for your response !! bye Hari

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Stalingrad was fought in the winter of 1942. The Jagdpanther was introduced in the spring of 1944, Ergo, no Jagdpanthers at Stalingrad. Early Jagdpanthers served alongside later variants through the end of the war. Gerald Owens

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"Lafimprov" wrote

Thanx, I supposed it, but in the art box of the kit, the picture says Stalingrad

1942... What a mistake ! So, let's go with an Ardennes diorama !

bye Hari

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