Kentucky bound

Thought I'd post an update and brag a little.

Staying in a residence hotel for the moment, managed to bring kits, tools and acrylic paint with me for the first go around. Already been to Scale Reproductions Hobby Shop, kicks major a**, even for someone spoiled by the number of shops in the DC suburbs.

We already found a house, frankly we saw everything in our price range and size on the net and picked one that we both liked. Price seemed a bit low but it needs some work and the owners have got to go to another city. 3600 sq ft, 5 acres. The back 3 acres are perfect for shooting. The house itself is very roomy with much larger spaces for the kids. The big thing, though is the garage. It's listed as 40x40x12. It looks even bigger. I think we could park all 4 cars in it twice and still have room. They had started a storage shelf against the back wall which we are going to take down and make a much larger one of to store my kits on one side and general storage items on the other. The best part is underneath it I get to build a shop area. The garage is already heated and the roll up doors are insulated, all I have to do is decide how many sq ft for the shop and go to work. Ann is giving me a free hand so long as we can park the cars in the garage and I have room to do car repairs.

The barn has electric and water and I'm going to take over one of the stalls for a wood shop.

Now all we have to do is get everything packed! I'm home for this weekend and the next. While i'm home I have newgroup access through Comcast but Comcast won't let me in from the hotel's web access. I'll have to find another access point. I tried Google but I'm used to my XNews and hate to change.

So far the new job is great and the best part is the traffic. There isn't any. I made it to work in 20 minutes in heavy rain doing 60-65 on the interstate. I've never seen such an open road at 7:45 in the morning!

Well back to packing. The kits are almost all boxed then the rest of the tools, paint and other assorted must haves. And then there is...


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