Kit manufacturer and type? 1/72-1/76 armour

Heya folks!

Was surfin' ebay a ways back and ran into a kit by (I _THINK_) PST for a truck with regimental gun. I don't know what the truck type was, but it was NOT a half track. The gun was a larger caliber, maybe a 122mm, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the 76mm gun.

Anyway, I'm now in SEARCH of said type of kit and after two hours of searching different hobby shop web sites, I've about given up. I can't seem to find it again for purchase.

  • It was WWII Soviet equipment
  • Truck with a gun behind it
  • Picture was of truck hauling it on a road I think
  • Might have been a winter scene.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated by the group!

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Meets your criteria, except for the road.

PST's product line:

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Rob Gronovius

Thanks Rob!

Don't know why the heck I didn't find this on a google search for PST...

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