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Can anyone advise me of the existence of a particular model -

I'm looking for a 1:48 scale model of the old (F-100?) Super Sabre. I once had a 1:144 of a US 'Thunderbirds' aerobatic team version and it'd be great to make one in a decent scale.

Also, anyone ever seen a kit in any scale of the Fairey Delta 2?

-- _________________ Norman Lever Melbourne, Australia _________________

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Norman Lever
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Frog made one in 1:72. The molds are now in Russia, being used by Novo. There is another made by Maquette in 1:72, but I kow nothing about it. Check Hannants for at least the Novo version.

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The Old Timer

monogram do the F100, used to be with thunderbird decs IIRC, recently reissued?

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Since I haven't heard of Novo for a long time I suspect that the Maquette kit is the same one. As far as the F-100, there is a Monogram kit of a 'D' in 1/48. I think it's available right now in a Revell box. The only other one is probably the Lindberg kit and it would be an 'A' if not a YF-100. It would also be scarcer.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

I've never seen the Frog/Novo boxing,but I built the maquette kit.Crude with working parts...I gave up,glued everything in place and did it gear up.If I were a betting man I'd wager it's the same kit.

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ESCI also did a 1/48 F-100D. Avoid at all costs......

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Al Superczynski


For the Delta 2 look on Australian ebay as there is one listed there now. I can't recall the manufacturer though.


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Brian Kucks

Hi Norman, Hannants of England have the Monogram 1:48 F100D in Stock and also the 1:72 ex Frog Fairey Delta 2 now marketed by Maquette see:

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Regards, Brian of London, England

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Brian Boot

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