Revell Germany B-58

Does anyone have a scan of the paint instructions for the 1/48 scale B-58 with the South East Asia camoflage and markings? I already have two of these kits from the Monogram issue and really don't want to purchase another. Also seems someone just released a set of decals in this scale for this bird. Anyone know who? If I can grab a set of those the paint scheme will probably be with it. Thanks


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Fox One decals just re-released their B-58 decals, then can be found at:

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and they have markings for the SEA bird.

Hope that helps, Shawn

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Shawn Hull


Fox One Decals recently released a set of 1/48 scale B-58 deccals and the SEA camo jet is included in the choice of markings. I believe Squadron

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has these in stock right now. I'd suggest getting a copy of these decals ASAP because most online shops who carry Fox One don't keep these in stock for long. I had a really hard time getting my sheet!

Marv Mays

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