Polar Lights NX-01 Kit..

Has anyone heard about the kit or its progress of coming out?
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William L. Powell
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I've pre-ordered mine from HLJ and they claim a mid November release.
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Scott A. Bregi
Talked with Polar Lights mid September. Test shots were on the way. Fellow said it usually takes 2-3 tests from molds before production starts. His likely time frame was December 2003 (maybe slightly sooner if corrections are minimal). You are looking at many pieces (on order of 200) that need to fir properly.
Dave Henk Jacksonville, FL
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Dave Henk
It's running a little bit late, but NX-01 is in test shots, they came into the office this last week.
Art Anderson
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Wasn't that the Bandai version from HLJ?
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The Old Timer
Test Shots here:
formatting link
Looking Good!
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James D. Farrow

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