Polar Lights NX-01

Wierdest damned thing. I opened the Polar Lights NX-01 this weekend
for a nice easy build and studied the instructions. There is a
complete list of paints there to use, but nothing anywhere indicating
where said colors should go, just the decals.
So I broke out various color photos of the craft and got several
different variations on how to paint it.
I guess I'll have to see which schemes are the most common and wing
Nothing is ever easy.
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The Old Man
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I bought this thing also. Got started and decided I was going to buy one of those pre made Star Trek ships of the Enterprise instead. It looked nice but was not worth the effort to continue it.
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So I finally got to the part where I mount the decals. BAH! Not one number on the decal sheet matches one number on the decal placement diagram. What the hell are these people smoking?????
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The Old Man

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