Looking for article from "Exclusively aircraft" issue 1


I'm looking for copies or scans from the UK magazine "Exclusively aircraft". This magazine only lasted two issues, and I'm looking for an article in issue

  1. It's an article about color schemes of Soviet aircraft in East-Germany. Article title could be "Soviet Colours Revealed".

The story behind my search is that I bumped into the writer at Soviet air force open days in East Germany. We were both color-checking the aircraft, he made sketches of the camo patterns, and I was making photos to document them. But so far (I'm talking 10+ years) I haven't managed to obtain a copy of the article!

If someone could help me, I would prefer to make a two-way deal, as in returning the favor with copies or scans of something you are looking for. Thanks in advance!

Rob de Bie

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Rob de Bie
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