Looking for Fujimi 1/72 A-4B Skyhawk

I am looking for a Fujimi 1/72 Skyhawk with the early small nose.I know they
made a A-4B. I'm not sure if they made a "A" version.
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Steve Jahn
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Fujimi's A-4B is currently in production. HLJ has it:
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An A-4A was never part of Fujimi's line, unfortunately.
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Andre van der Hoek
The only 'A' I'm aware of was Airfix's. However, one of the distinguishing features of the 'A' is the fully skinned rudder. There might be other less obvious things but that stands out.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Bill Banaszak waxed lyrical news: snipped-for-privacy@verizon.net:
For an A4D-1 (A-4A) do the following:- 1:/ Fill in rudder skinning to make a smooth rudder 2:/ Remove refuelling probe 3:/ Remove all trace of outer wing hardpoint locations 4:/ Remove radalt fairing from under starboard wing 5:/ Remove traces of wingtip lights and add a small round light on top of and below each wing tip 6:/ Remove vortex generators on wing (the ones on the slats should remain - to be pedantic they were in a different pattern on the A4D-1 but it really isn't worth the hassle to correct IMHO!) 7:/ Add six vortex generators to each fuselage side just above wing root, these are in three sets of "V's" with the narrow part of the V facing forward 8:/ Try to find some small 150 gallon "peanut" tanks for the underwing. . . these seem to be the only ones the A4D-1 carried, I ave no references of them carrying 300 or 400 gallon tanks. 9:/ Interior is different but it really isn't worth worrying about too much in that tiny space. 10:/ Buy the Naval Fighters book on the A4D-1/2/2N by Ginter. . . it'll help and is just a rollicking good book as well! That is more or less it for overall effect. . as you can see it's pretty straightforward and mostly involves removing stuff rather than adding or changing any shapes. I've done it in 48th and the 72nd shouldn't be any more tricky (but you will have to find decals)
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Drewe Manton
I've done it in 48th and the 72nd
Hmmm - I dunno, Drewe, 1/72 vortex generators sound a bit "tricky" to me! But then, I'm half blind. 8-)
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waxed lyrical news:vczPa.41529$ snipped-for-privacy@newsread1.prod.itd.earthlink.net:
Nahh.. just make 'em oversize, get 'em in place and trim when dry. . s'easy!
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Drewe Manton

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