Fujimi 1/72 A-4A Skyhawk

Does any one know if Fujimi ever released the "A" version of the A-4
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Steve Jahn
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I don't think so but it would be an easy conversion from their A-4B kit.
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Al Superczynski
Aside from an extremely hard to find vacuform kit from K&K the Airfix kit is the only A-4A kit ever done.
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Just fill in the spaces between the rudder ribs, and you're there. Kim M
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snipped-for-privacy@aol.com (Royabulgaf) wrote in message
Not quite there yet. It's a wee bit more complicated! You also need to remove the refueling probe and all external plumbing associated with same, add vortex generators to the wing just forward of where the spoilers would be on later (E/F) models and partway up the fuselage, remove the vortex generators from the slats and re-arrange the ones on the wings behind the slats (6 sets of tabs, at different angles sort of like this: /|\ |\| \|/. It also appears from the photos that the triplets were different sized VGs with the straight ones being larger. May be just shadow doing that. We have an A-4D1 over at the Carolina's Air Museum and I have been meaning to go over and take a look at this feature and get some good closeup pix as I want to do an "A" also.
The book "Naval Fighters Number Forty-Nine, Douglas A-4A/B Skyhawk in Navy Service" by Steve Ginter has some great photos on pages 20 and 21 which show these features.
Be aware: the refueling probe was an addition during A-4D2 (A-4B) production. So the early A-4B's never had it (nor did any A-4D1/A-4A). Watch your references. I don't have any information on what BUNO the probe first appeared, but I am sure someone out there does.
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John Alger
snipped-for-privacy@myexcel.com (John Alger) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:
Also don't forget to remove the Radalt fairing from under the port wing, re-configure the wing tip light arrangement and remove all traces of the outboard pylon positions. And I've only ever seen A4D-1's with the small "peanut" tanks under the wing positions.
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Drewe Manton
This is a wonderful website. Many thanks for it. Jerry 47
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jerry 47
check out an account of many 1/72 Skyhawk kits at the Dutch IPMS site page (in english) at:
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