A-6A Weapons loadout question

Hi there,
Anybody have a good guess what kind of loadout would have been typical in
Vietnam for a Navy A-6A Intruder in the period 1970-1974? I haven't got much
in the way of Intruder references and wanted to do a kit that wasn't a "teen"
fighter for once, using the old Has/Minicraft 1/72 example...
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Centerline fuel tank and iron bombs on mers.
DTRT227 wrote:
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MER's on wing pylons loaded with various Mk 80 series bombs. The Fujimi A-6A kit has Mk82 Snakeyes and centerline fuel tank. Worth looking about for if you can find the kit as it is better than the Hasegawa example.
While we are on the subject of the A-6E, the Fujimi kit has a fifth option on the decal sheet for BuNo 158050 in VA-85 "Falcons" CAG markings. While I don't dispute the accuracy of them, the BuNo is wrong I think. Does anyone know (if you have a copy of the kit instructions to hand) what the correct BuNo should be?
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Lots of MK82 Snakeyes on MERS (6 on the outboard pylons, 5 on the inboard in order to clear the gear door), and center line tank.
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Lloyd Curtis

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