Looking for jet engine pod from 1:144 B-26 Pacemaker from Hobbycraft

Does anybody have an extra pod? I just need one of them for a project.
Also, does anybody know the approximate scale of Revell's Corvair B-36
Giant Bomber kit (c. 1954). It was probably in "box scale" which
would probably make it around 1:200.
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Peter W.
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Mine went upstate to an individual who wants to sell it and make more money than I did off it. He has to eat until the comet comes for him. Yes, I wish I hadn't now.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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William Banaszak
i having a hatred for jerkoffs like that. nothing against capatalism, but mouthy morons who act like that need vulcanization. in a real volcano. just think of him selling pencils on some bad street.
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