model pictures

there is a model group where you can post pictures.. i don't remember
de name.. i know is rec. something
can you help?
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You'll have a wider more accessible audience by posting to a modeling forum such as: Hyperscale, Aircraft Resource Center, Modeling Madness, FineScale, Aeroscale etc. Accessing the rec. sites are becoming more fee based than they once were.
This forum used to be the only it is the least used.
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Well, there is alt.binaries.models.scale
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Mike G.
I hear you and am saddened by this. Most of these web based groups are more specialized than rms. I always voted against splitting the group when the innumerable requests for a split occurred. My ISP no longer supports Usenet, so I have been using the Google web interface, which does leave something to be desired. Sure would be nice if someone started a good GENERAL scale modeling site on the web that could take the place of this group. Most of the web based groups DO have much less spam, anyway.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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