Modeling the Korean War in 1/72 scale

Heya folks, just wanting to let you know that I've added some stuff to my web page. Including a build up and sort of review of the Airfix A-1 kit in 1/72 scale:

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Here's the link to the main index/home page of the site:

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No ads, no pop-ups, just me trying to document what I like to do and how I do it.

Lemme know if you're favorably impressed. Flames to /dev/null.


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Um, not to be picky but I did up the old Monogram kit last year with a bash using the engine and cowling from the ESCI kit (about the only thing fully usable on it) and found (before I got to paint) they changed the main weapons pylons from a rounded shape to the swept forward ones found in all of the Skyraider kits. I cut down some from a Monogram F-84E to fit the Skyraider to make it LOOK more like an AD-4.

Ah, the things Mother never tells you. At least in this scale you don't have to go through the misery of chopping and extending the ancient Hawk Banshee kit to get an F2H-2 out of it!

Cookie Sewell

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