Modeling the Korean War in 1/72 scale web site

Well folks,
Not trying to pat m'se'f on the back, but I've been
nagged by enough friends to start a web page for
the kits I'm building. And thanks for all of the help
you folks have been providing along the way! I've
been pleasantly reminded that we're all in this
together on more than one occasion.
So, anyway... Here's the link for the page that I've
been working on for the past two days. I hope to
eventually get all of the models built, finished, and
in my classroom and pics on the web page.
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Any and all _POSITIVE_ criticisms are welcome.
Flames to /dev/null... Heh heh, not many will get
THAT ancient reference.
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Looking forward to the site - I did WW2 as a kiddie but when Airfix released the Scorpion and Chieftan I decided to do modern NATO and WP pact forces in NW Europe, not a great idea as few kits appeared and I ended up doing a lot of kit-bashing scratchbuilding and general faffing about to produce wargame level models - The main problem was that no one released suitable figures (I like dioramas), for the Brits there was one set of paras dressed for the Falklands (Matchbox, never seen since) and a couple of figures in the Airfix NATO groud crew set.
Had I gone Korean war most of the WW2 stuff could be used and figures would be much less of a problem (although it is only recently that North Korean and Chinese troops of this era have appeared*) - Life would have been sooo much easier.
All from a single manufacturer - IMEX - Republic of Korea Troops, Korean War US Army, Chinese People's Liberation Army, North Korean KPA
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Mike Smith
Hey all,
Added a few links in the aircraft section. Also have uploaded a few photos of my own kits and a brief overview of the Korean Fraternal War* with references on a different page.
I'm wondering, as a historian, if after the peninsula is finally unified someday, will it be referred to as the Korean Civil War?
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