Modeling the Korean War in 1/72 Scale

Heya folks!

It's 60 years since the flag went up on the 38th Parallel. Actually, its a few days more than that. In honor of the fact that I'm living and teaching English in Korea, and the

60th Anniversary of the Korean Fratricidal War, I've begun building and chronicling my builds of everything used in the Korean War. I've got aircraft, tanks, jeeps, artillery, and quite a few landing craft.

I'm only working on them in my off hours at home, and I'm not a fantastic model builder. I'd never say that any thing I ever build was "Pro-Built" like you might see on Ebay. However, I'm doing a pretty good job and learning a lot about the war and the equipment along the way.

Here's the link to my site:

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I do my best to update it daily on business days.

Build what you want, they'll flame you every time.

-Andy Hill

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