More Lex questions

There are two elevators on the lex. The aft one is far smaller than the forward one, so small that the bombers do not fit on it,and the Wildcat barely fits. Was the aft elevator only used for things like armament carts, or did it handle smaller aircraft too?

When launching aircraft, how far aft from the bow was the takeoff area, i.e., how far forward were other planes parked?

There is a 'pole' on the very bow of the flight deck that does not seem to have any swivel fitting for lowering. Was this pole left up during flight operations (looks pretty dangerous), or did it retract into the deck. Seems to me I had seen a movie clip of a pole like this with a streamer on it (estimating angle of wind over deck?).

I will be placing four SBDs, three TBDs, and four F4Fs on the deck. Were there any standards on how these planes were parked and spotted until they were brought forward for launch?

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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
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