Need a model painter to help me with a project!

I have a Star Trek Next Generation pinball machine and I'd like to
have a couple of the ship models painted. In particular, there is a
CREAM colored Borg scoutship toward the top of the playfield that is
just a total eye sore since it's unpainted and plain.
Any of you talented model builders with really good painting skills,
could you please get in touch with me if you're interested in helping
me with this? I would definitely be willing to pay for your services.
I am located in Arizona. I'd love to find a local person, but I'm
willing to mail the ships to you. Pics available upon request.
Thanks in advance,
joefehrenbach AT
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Whoops, bad, ignore. Anyway, what I was going to write was that I've painted dozens of these ships, as well as scratchbuilding a nd painting a lot of others, and they vary a lot in regards in complexity of painting them correctly, with the NCC-1701D being hands-down the most difficult, due the vast number of space lifeboat hatches on it. That takes around thirty hours of very careful painting to get right. I'd suggest learning to paint them yourself, as otherwise even at low price-per-hour it's going to be very steep in regards to final cost for what you want. You could easily end up with a STNG Enterprise that costs you over $500.00 if painted right, and frankly, that's a lot more than it would cost to learn how to paint it right on your own, even if it meant buying one or more to practice on before you did a finished one. And if you can handle painting that ship right, you can handle painting _any_ ship in the ST universe...easily.
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