Need some empty model paint glass bottles.

Hi, I am looking for a few small empty bottles (the kind model paint comes in - Testors, etc.) 1/2 oz. or 1 oz. size. I want them to put samples of chemical elements in to send someone for Christmas. They must be glass (not plastic) and the round type ( not the little tiny square ones ). Preferably from someone in or near southeast Alabama so I can get them in time. Thanks.

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many online model shops sell them. ceap.

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bottles (the kind model paint

I sell them where i work 1/2 oz 3/4 oz and 1 oz & 2 oz K & K Hobbies, Utica NY 315-733-6677 10-5:30 m-f 10-5 sat ask for Al or Dan

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People sometimes do dumb things. When I was in college there was a freshman in an advanced placement program who was doing a project with one of the professors which gave him access to one of the labs and the stockroom. He was also making some explosives on the side for summer fun. One was shock sensitive when dry. He dropped the package on the way to the post office - and blew one of his feet and part of a leg off. The black humor at the time was that the clerk in the local post office would stamp fragile really hard on a box multiple times and then slam dunk it in the correct sack from 12 feet away. Might have been some poetic justice here

Ever since then I always kind of wondered what some other idiot might have air mailed home and was lying in the cargo bay below the passenger compartment while I was flying somewhere..

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Val Kraut

Oy! And I was only joking. There is no limit to how silly humans are. Who needs terrorists when we can happily blow ourselves up! :-) Peteski

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Peter W.

does the lid have to be metal ? The Container Store chain has glass bottles with plastic scew on lids.


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