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I have a 1/2 bottle of Pactra Flat Clear that has been sitting around for about 25 years. It is a dark amber color and after all those years, the flattening agent did not settle. I use it sparingly for uniforms and other stuff that should have absolutely no sheen of any level. It works better than any flat Testor's paint on the market today. I recently bought a bottle each of both Testor's Dullcoat Lacquer in a

1-3/4 oz square bottle and Testor's Model Master Flat Clear Lacquer Finish in a 1 oz round bottle. Neither of which produce really flat finishes, but more of what they call in the house painting world, an eggshell finish. Sitting them aside, I noticed that after a few days the flattening pigment settled to the bottom of the bottles. The Dullcoat lacquer had about a 1/2 inch of clear lacquer at the top, and the Model Master lacquer had about a 1/4" clear lacquer at the top. As an experiment, I siphoned off the 1/2" of clear lacquer from the Dullcoat bottle, saving it in a capped jar, and then shook the remainder up. I used it on a uniform and found it to be as flat as the old Pactra Flat lacquer.
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willshak wrote in news:13m0uj6k6a2r520 @news.supernews.com:

I was SOOOOO glad I found some old stock of pactra acrylics in a hobby shop here in the Netherlands, that I made a bid on the lot! The shopkeeper asked a fair price and threw in the "stand" as well. Turned out he also had two boxes of Flat clear. Indeed the flattest clear I have ever worked with.

After working (brushing) with Pactra Acrylics you CANNOT brush with Tamiya Acrylics!

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For brushing, I use 1 part Tamiya Flat Base, 2 parts Future (aka Klear). Man, that is FLAT. Add more Future to gloss it up a little.

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dancho wrote in news:xbadnSxnOc0Zvv7anZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@comcast.com:

That is a good tip for when I run out of Pactra.


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You can if you thin them with official Tamiya thinner-for-acrylics. Makes brushing much easier.


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