how to figure out the values of the kits

I am not a collector. I just have a few car model kits , which were given as gifts. I do not know their prices. From the popular list of model kits on ebay I can see that some of the kits are very expensive.

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?Models-Kits I want to know what matters the most to the price , the year, the manufacture, or the type of car in the kit ?


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who ever is willing to pay the most....thats from a tight arsed limey

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Manufacturer, production and desirability. There are some kits out there that were low-production but they were that way because few wanted them then, or now. Also bear in mind the usual 3 year model rotation of the real things. If there was a '63, '64 & '65 based on the same body with styling changes to the grilles and taillights, it's a good bet that the first two model years will be worth more as kits because the manufacturer updated the moulds each year making the first two eternally out-of-production. For manufacturers, JoHan is a good bet since most of the moulds have been damaged or mislaid.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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