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I once heard that you can mix baby powder with gloss paint to make it flat. Is this true? I cannot locate a flat paint in the color that I am using and it looks horrible glossy on the B-17 I am building.

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Testors also has a version of acrylic dullcoat in the bottle. I use this when I find surface paint to be too shiny. Model Master Acryl FM02015 Flat Clear.

I've heard of the Japanese modelers using something called "flat base" but I've never seen it myself.

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Stephen Bierce

Overspray it with a clear flat.

Testors makes a clear flat in both a bottle and a spray can but I'd suppose just about any manufacturer's clear flat would work.

Using the clear flat -after- the decals have been applied and are throughly dry works the best. Decals "snug down" better and leave less of a decal film if they are applied over a glossy surface anyway. And the finish ends up uniform - you don't get glossy decals over a flat surface.

I rather routinely shot my models with a gloss coat before applying the decals when flat paints were used for just that reason. Later a flat/matte/semigloss final coat (depending on the effect I was seeking) could be sprayed on after the decaling was finished.


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Bill Shatzer

But Future the glazing first! Testors Clear Flat will fog all the clear plastic if it's untreated.

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The Old Man

Talcum powder can be used to flatten gloss paint, but a clear flat overcoat applied at the very end of painting and decaling is better, since decals only adhere properly to a glossy finish. And you're better off masking the clear parts entirely before spraying any clear flat finish, as it will fog them up permanently otherwise.

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Gerald Owens

gotta ask what color you are going to paint your fortress, usually they are green or bare metal ???


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Just like others have said; 'gloss under decals then matte.' Easy way not to worry about which flat to use, a mixture of Future and Tamiya flat base will give a very dead flat clear finish. I have used a ratio up to 50-50 but some say they get away with using less Future.


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