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I have been using Model Master Interior Black for quite a few years and I was quite pleased with it . However, in the last couple of years what they label as FS37031 is actually a semi gloss verging on full gloss. I thought of a couple of ways of toning down the glossy finish and would like your comments. What would happen if I blended Model Master dull coat with the Interior Black? I realize one is a lacquer and the other a enamel but would they mix. The other thing I thought of doing is to mix talcum powder or baby powder into the paint to dull it. Would that effect the airbrushing properties of the paint? All comments will be greatly appreciated. Pete

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Why bother mixing anything at all? Why not just paint the cockpit as normal, without regard to whether the colours turn out matt or gloss. Once you have finished painting all the sub assemblies, then spray them with your favourite matt varnish. That's how I do it. I use a couple of mist coats of Xtracrylix matt varnish at the end and get a perfect matt finish. Anything that should actually be gloss can be touched in afterwards with a fine brush and Xtracrylix satin varnish.

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