Wanted: empty or dried out model paint bottles

I'm looking for any empty 1/2 oz or 1/3 oz. glass model paint bottles. It doesn't matter if the bottle is empty or contains old dried out paint, as long as it is glass ( not plastic ) and the lid still fits tightly. If anyone has 5 or more lying around to get rid of or sell, let me know. I found several excellent sources for bottles & jars on the web & eBay, but nothing comes even close to the size & shape of model paint bottles. ( dram vials are way too tall & skinny ).

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Look up item 81267 at

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. You can probably get them even cheaper from any discounting Walthers dealer .


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carries some really small bottles.


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Peter W.

You can order them at testors.com also, which is where I get mine...

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