New To The Group, With a Simple Question

Hi All,
I just recently started giving modeling a shot. I've always had an
interest in ships and had always wanted to start building one so today
I finally bought one: the Revell USS United States. Which can be seen
formatting link

I'm having a great time thus far, and I find it an amazing way to clear
one's mind and relax.
I do, however, have a question about one of the icons used in the
instructions. It's an icon of a clock and I can't figure out what it
represents. There is an icon glossary in the pamphlet but it doesn't
list that particular one. Does it mean to rotate the certain piece
clockwise or counter clockwise? Maybe it means that I need to wait for
the paint to dry in order to snap the pieces into place?
If this question has already been answered in an FAQ, please accept my
apology and just point me to the FAQ. I've tried searching for one but
can't seem to find it.
So, with that said thank you for any guidance you can give and I can't
wait really get this hobby rolling.
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Kester Teague
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From the FineScale forum
Trumpeter, actually. And not really a "division," as we'd generally think of's...difficult to explain. Hobby Boss is basically just Trumpeter with a different name.
Anyway, I've seen all the Hobby Boss kits, and they're almost all quite good, particularly the 1/48 T-34s (they really dropped the ball with their Shermans, though). The aircraft are molded with the least amount of parts possible. The control sticks are even molded into the floors of some of the cockpits, which are molded as part of the lower wing half! Nicely molded, too. I think the Spitfire had really thin prop toothpicks. Other than that, they all looked nice to me.
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AH!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIT wrong thread sorry
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Probably means to allow time for the cement to dry before proceeding...
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