On-line store "Cheapest Hobbies.Com" - Opinion ?

I have found an on-line store with good prices,
"Cheapest Hobbies.Com" (Las Vegas, NV. 89145).
Any experience in dealing with that shop ?
Your impressions and opinion ?
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Zeljko Hanich
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Placed an order with them earlier this year, US to UK
Very friendly and nice people to deal with, but order took a couple of months to arrive. When it did arrive, kits were not packed that well, with kit boxes badly crushed. Kits also had parts loose, and few parts were broken beyond reasonable repair. Tried to resolve with them, just asking them to replace the broken parts I could not repair easily. They asked me to photo and return broken parts, which I did, never heard from them again.
The packages were not insured, I had offerred to pay for insurance, but they quoted extremly high price. I took their word for it at the time, but later checked on USPS web site, and found the actual insurance costs to be fairly low.
The only payment method I had was PayPal, but UK PayPal users loose protection provided by credit cards when paying through PayPal.
I was totally screwed in the end, that is my first order with them, and I would never use them again.
Regards, Paul
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Paul J

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