I would welcome any suggestions for achieving the effects of paint fading
caused by exposure to the elements.
John E
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John E
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Simplest way is to add white or primer gray to the base color, thin, and overshoot with an airbrush. You may have to mask or take care to get the fading on the right side of the model and with right blocking of objects or covering.
Cookie Sewell
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How about paint fading on a multi-color camouflage, such as the SEA scheme used on USAF jet fighters for years? I've never figured out how to make the fading look right across the two greens and tan. Scott Wilson
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Get some Testors Clear Gloss or Flat and mix it with a tiny bit of white and airbrush it onto the completed model, right over everything, including the decals. This will give a uniform 'fading' over the whole model. Experiment with the number of coats and the amount of white to use by painting over either an old unwanted model with similar colors, or do what I do, paint a sheet of plastic with the same colors as the model, and apply a few sinilar decals, then try anything on it before the model.
If you want to see an example, check out the pic of an F14 I uploaded to alt.binaries.models.scale last week.
good luck Bill Roccia
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roach ah#123
I've heard that people do that with a light overspray of shading - usually gray, or dullcote tinted with gray...easy does it.
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I do it one of two ways, depending on how much fading and chalking I want.
First is to mix some white to the color and airbrush mainly on top surfaces, then a bit on the sides.
Second, for lots of weathering/chalking, flat white by itself, airbrushed lightly over the top mostly, less on sides, none on lower surfaces. For rounded fuselages, a continuous graduation top to bottom.
I do this AFTER decaling, so it dulls down decals too.
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Don Stauffer

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