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Something like that's been around for a while - I think I saw it in MicroMark years ago. I though about it, realized that parts would still bounce off the apron (although to be fair, most parts would be caught by the apron, just not the micro-fiddly ones) and that I'd probably find a way to stand up with the apron on and yank the worktable with it (although I think the Micromark one used velcro to attach to the table to help prevent this) I just mounted a gutter (plastic square gutter, ends sealed w/ styrene sheet, painted white) to the front edge of my worktable, and work over that - missing parts losses are way down and there's a lot less crawling on the floor with a flashlight (and non-stop cursing, of course) but still a few parts manage to escape... The gutter also catches a lot of Squadron putty residue, styrene tips, solder drops, etc - a big plus.
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I've seen similar units marketed as jewelers aprons - small very valuable parts get caught before they hit the floor. Seems to me you'd like to have it form a hammock like concave form that would trap parts.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
While not perfect, aprons still work. I use one attached to the bench that covers my lap. Dropped stuff can still roll off, and PE parts generally go flying sideways at considerable velocity anyway. But the apron does help for styrene and MOST other parts. Mine is clipped to my workbench with spring clips so that if I get it tangled when I get up, it pops free from bench and does not shake the bench too bad.
Problem is, it is a dark blue. I need to make a new one, a white one.
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