Paying for Models in Another Countries Currency

Is it/would it be practical to find a way to pay for models from a dealer in Canada, paying in Canadian dollars while I reside in the USA?

How would you go about doing it if there was a huge difference in the exchange rate?

thx - Craig

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Go to a bank, Western Union, or other place and tell them you want a money order in Canadian funds. Happens all the time. I received a check from a British aviation magazine for one of my photos, and it was made out in Canadian dollars. The current US/Canadian exchange rate is around 30%, so you will pay less in U.S. money for Canadian funds.

BB in Canada

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That's trivially easy - Canada and the United States are each other's single largest trading partner, so all of the large banks on both sides of the border already do this on a daily basis. (For that matter, the five largest Canadian banks each have branches in Manhattan, and some of the largest U.S. banks have branches in Toronto.)

Visit your bank and ask for a money order in Canadian currency. (Don't let them sell you a bank draft; that's equivalent to cash, and you shouldn't send "cash" in the mail.) Then send that off as your payment. The banks at this end won't cause a fuss unless your bank is so small that they've never heard of it before, and even then they'd just put a hold on the deposit for a couple of weeks.

Again, go to your bank. There are other ways to exchange money, but banks tend to have the best exchange rates and charge the lowest service fees. (Don't worry about what the exchange rate actually is. Unless you're a speculator, all that matters is how many models you can buy with a wad of cash.)

Hope this helps.

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Or, you could use a credit card or PayPal if the dealer is amenable. They automatically do the currency transaction. Kim M

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Or go to your Post Office and tell them you need a International Postal Money Order for Canadian Funds. Same thing, and you can mail it as soon as you fill out the Tos and Froms. Canadians cash it in at their Post Offices.

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