Please Help Crowdfund Ship Plans

I have just launched a Kickstarter project to produce modelling plans for HMS Colossus (1882):
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If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it's a website where people can pledge money towards projects, with their pledges only being collected if the project reaches its target.
If this project reaches its target I will buy plans for HMS Colossus from the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and have modelling plans drafted from them. The plans will be made available under a Creative Commons license.
If you are interested in seeing more modelling plans produced, please visit the project and donate some money. Any amount helps.
I hope that this can become a new way of producing plans for ships which have no modelling plans available.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or via the Kickstarter project.
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Tom Davies
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An interesting notion. Do you have any credentials? Evidence that you've done this sort of planning might help your funding.
Dave M.
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David L. Martel
Very interesting. Years ago I employed some artists to create models for another industry, and I used to ask them they would be willing to build complete 3D virtual models of ships like this but to a detail that was very fine - like virtualised tours but utterly complete - not just a single deck or corridor. Something like a WW2 battleship or an old galeon. Good luck, I'll checkout the project on KS.
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