Quick & Dirty Hasagewa F/A-18F review

Since nobody else has had much to say, I'll take a swing..... Got my Hasagewa F about 10 days ago. I'm in final assembly, so I can make some reasonable assessments. The kit is MUCH better than the wretched Italeri offering. Overall shapes and sizes appear correct. The lower aft fuselage, a perennial problem for Hornet kits, is pretty well done, with minimal filling required. The only significant fit problem is the lower forward fuselage. The lower forward fueslage is broken into four major components, the top (done as a single piece with the whole upper fuselage), the right and left sides (including radome), and the underside. The underside fit is a bit fiddly, but do-able. Cockpit is OK, not exceptional. An E is clearly in the works, from the parts breakdown. The intakes, nightmare of the Italeri kit, are well done. There is a seam that has to be filled on the upper interior of the intakes, but it won't show if you don't invert the kit. The only problem is that the inlets lead to a blank piece of plastic. yes, i know that the compressor faces are shielded, but this is not quite what the real airplane looks like. Works OK if you just paint that part black, though. The wings are OK - and include the 4-deg toe-out for the pylons. The pylons appear to be correct, also. Ordnance is a pair of well-moulded AMRAAMs, and a pair of AIM-9Xs. They're the first 9Xs I've seen, but match the photos I've seen of test rounds. Markings are for a VFA-102 airplane (same BuNo, but 2002 and 2003 markings), and for a VFA-2 CAG bird.

It's not done yet, but I think this is a real winner of a kit.

V/R: Mike McDaniel

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Rufus probably can't see it then. ;)

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Now WHERE did I put that magnifying glass?..

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