R/C batteries.

I have been building scale sailing models for many years for collectors
and museums but with the advent of our first grandson I have decided to
build a fully detailed R/C model of the trawler 'Ladysmith' at 1/48
scale for him to take down the local boat pool when he is older which is
only five minutes walk from his house (lucky blighter).
Thing is I only know the basics of R/C and am somewhat confused as to
how long batteries last and motor sizes etc, I have a nice 545 motor and
a slightly used 540 and some other stuff but my need is for battery info
i.e how long would a 12v 1.2 Ah battery power a 545 motor or am I better
off going for a larger battery.
As this is a trawler of 1905 vintage I dont want it taking off like a
Seacat so need to keep the revs in order, what is the best way to do
this and the approximate screw rpm for a 2'' prop with the 545 behind it
for the speed to look realistic?, I am also looking at building a sea
going tug of the 1920 - 40 era later if anyone has any suggestions,
many thanks, Terry
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Terence Lynock (MSW)
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"fully detailed R/C model of the trawler 'Ladysmith' at 1/48" ? = 12" or 36" long? beam? depth of hull? without further detail, I suggest you refer to the sub sections: "Battery care, Chargers & Power Supply.: "Boats, Yachts, Submarines, Warship Combat and Nautical reviews" on my web page, especially
Reviews, Plans, FAQ & Tips, Jet drive.
Billing Model Boats - Construction tips & Paint cross reference FAQ - Ship Models Boating Rope Knots - animated examples Build A Quick Fiberglass Hull - DIY. Fishing Knots & Rigging - animated examples Fitting servos to yachts, boats_ amend Servos to operate 180 or 360 degrees *** How to Sail fast_ Rig tuning by Bob Sterne Model Builder Tips & Tricks - Art of the Model Builder Model testing - instrumentation, scaling laws, test tanks, wind tunnels, experiments Modify 2ch Transmitter to adjust number of turns on Sail Winch Props & Shafts - & many other builders tips.*** RacingSparrow Model Yachts - free plans RC Laser RC Sailboats - Tips and Tricks RC Sailboat FAQ rcboat.com - RC Website for the RC Racer. Home of The Engine Analysis Softwa River boats,Towboats etc. - Old River Bill's RC*** River Boats, Towboats etc - Towboat Joe. Tips, Set Up Info & Projects - Off shore electrics Regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby Model & RC Web Links
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The message from "A.T." contains these words:
Hi Alan,
Hull will be 36'' long x 5.75'' beam and 4.5'' depth of hull midships and 3'' keel to waterline approx, weight of the model I have no idea as yet but it will be wooden construction plank on bulkhead. I have a new 540 motor also a 545 motor spare and the plans show a 2'' x 3 bladed prop, I have no idea what rpm the prop should run at or what size lead acid battery to use to best effect and for scale speed, all my R/C tinkerings in the past were pretty hit-and-miss and if things worked properly it was a bonus but need to get this one right,
regards, Terry
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Terence Lynock (CSD)
I would recommend using a sealed gel cell battery instead of a lead acid battery. They come in a great verity of shapes and sizes and eliminate the mess and danger of acid spillage. Pete
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Suggest you refer to
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and all the good hints and tips thereon. Use SLA (gellcell) batteries which help with good amp hours and as ballast. ESC & Motors, read up on
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Alan T. Alan's Hobby Model & RC Web Links
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