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In this day and age "Boeing" could refer to almost any old plane!
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Well, I'm glad to hear she is airworthy again. I just hope they de-salinated her thoroughly after fishing her out or you will be able to watch her corrode as she sits in the rather humid atmosphere in Virginia.
Bill Shuey (who is sitting in rather humid Maryland next door)
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William H. Shuey
I heard it came down somewhere in the Avoca area. That's sorta hilly country, as I recall. Do you think the crappy weather had any effect?
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Actually, it came down about a mile from the end of the runway. Heavily wooded, rolling hills... Weather was solid overcast with intermittant showers. I don't think it had any role from what authorities state. A full or near-full fuel load was reported. It was stated in the paper last night that the aircraft was in storage at W/B-Scranton for the past few years and was being prepped for a sale to Canada - government or individual, it didn't explain further. The 67 year old pilot wasn't identified but is was reported he wasn't the owner. He apparently tried to eject as he wasn't with the main wreckage but there was some problem with the ejection sequence.
Frank Kranick IPMS/USA 20352
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.

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