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I have quite a few valued harcover reference books where the dust

>jacket is torn and falling to pieces every time I put it back on the >shelf. I just came up with a repair solution I love. I happened to >have a roll of vinyl prepasted wallpaper. Its strong and flexible. >All it requires is a damp sponge to make it tacky. I can reassemble >the many pieces of the dust jacket and press it against the wallpaper. >Use muscilage glue from the Dollar Store to glue down the tear >overlaps, the edges and small pieces. Use a dry towel to smooth out >any creases. Its done. Trim to size.

Ingenious. I think you might still want to do something to keep the tears from reopening when you reshelve the book. Our local library wraps a clear plastic cover around every dust jacket. I'm thinking those clear report covers, if you want to make your own rather than asking a librarian.

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Check out this webpage:

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This company sells book dust covers to libraries. The librarian at the museum I volunteer at
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turned me on to these types of dust covers and they are terrific. And they won't damage the dust cover in the manner that gluing wallpaper to it will. Other library supply companies offer similar dust covers at different prices so shop around to find the best deal.


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