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My copy of their T-38 managed to not have the ejection seats. I'd like to
> write to Sword and get replacements. A letter to the address printed on
> the side of the box went unanswered. Does anyone know how to get ahold of > them?
Find the importer. You are much more likely to have luck with them.
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Gray Ghost
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I wonder about how much interchange there is between the Czech outfits. When I needed a replacement part for a Special Hobby kit, I was put in touch with Eduard. I emailed them and received a very nice email saying that I needed to talk to Mrs Pavla at MPM.
That may sound humorous, but it's true! And I got the replacement engine free of charge and all that. Anyway, I no longer have the email addresses I used, but I wonder if you simply emailed Eduard or MPM with your predicament if they would put you on the right trail to fixing the problem.
Good luck!!
--- Tontoni
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Stephen Tontoni
I've met her... A very nice tall blonde lady! And Pavla's her first name! Her surname's Harazimova...
BTW, Pavla is the Czech for "Paula" and is also the first name of the wife of the guy who runs "PAVLA" Models (and "OCTOPUS"), which - surprisingly - is not part of the MPM stable, neither is Sword!
Confused? Yep, I'm still trying to work out who's who and I've met some of 'em!
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Chris Hughes
Email me off line, I may be able to help...
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Chris Hughes
"Chris Hughes" wrote in news:dohvnh$37q$
Yes she is a nice lady,
Haven't met her but had her on the telephone several times.
very nice lady (and good company) to do business with.
Cheers, Dennis
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