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Dufaux 2 seat WW1 Fighter - 1:72 vacuform kit Libramodels - Scaleplanes. The
Dufaux was an biplane fighter of highly original concept. The propeller was
placed in the fuselage center section, in such way that the front and aft
fuselage were only connected by a tubular member running through the
propeller axis. The engine was buried in the aft end of the forward section
of the fuselage. The pilot and observer had staggered side-by-side seating
in the nose. Not unexpectedly, there were problems with the structural
strength and the engine cooling. There is no record of it having any combat
service. Year: 1916 Crew: 2 Engines: 1 - 110hp Le Rhone 9J Wing Span: 7.96m
Length: 6.10m Height: 2.80m Empty Weight: 530kg Max.Weight: 740kg Speed:
140km/h Range: 2.0hrs Armament: 1*mg7.7mm
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