Re: [FFSMC] New section in the walkarounds : the Trains

Very neat! I hope someone is planning a stroll around a Krokodil one
Bill Banaszak
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Mad-Modeller a couché sur son écran :
Well, if someone wants to send one, I'm always ok to work on it and to send it online... I think it's important to understand that someting which seems cmmonplace today somewhete can be very "exotic" tomorrow in the same place or even todat in another place in the world...
That's the reason I'm always interested with all walkarounds.
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Flying Frog
Still looking for a Baltimore & Ohio American Civil War Armored Train.........
(do I specialize or ~what~?)
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Old Timer
So true. When I started 'chasing trains' there were still many engines in PC colours as well as other railroads stuffed into Conrail. Now even Conrails are disappearing. Alas, I don't think I have any walkaround series.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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