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Dump trucks?
At last weekend reserve drill we had an interesting brief by one of our
> battalion members recently returned from Iraq. It seems that our Seabee unit
> was being used to provide security for convoys from Kuwait to Baghdad. The
> desert took quite a toll on the few humvees we had so the 'Bees mounted
> Mk19s and .50s and M-60s on dump trucks. I'm going to try to get some > pictures.
> The brief was very interesting. We had to change everything we were
> taught about convoys due to the changing nature of the war. I'm very glad
> all our guys returned unharmed............Joe
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Yes, dump trucks..................Joe
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Joe Drees
Seabees are the Navy's construction engineers. They are trained to fight also as they are meant to build things near the front lines.
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Gary Kato
Most military dump trucks have the ability to act as troop carriers with fold down seats in the dump bed. I bet that dump bed provides a little better protection against small arms fire than a regular cargo truck. Rob Gronovius Visit my motor pool in the
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Rob Gronovius

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