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> "Steve W" wrote
>> Rightly or not, that's what the media do. But they should be so lucky! >
> Interestingly enough BBC News 24 are reporting that the US media has
> turned squarely against Bush.
I think that happened just before New Orleans, around the time when ABC News
anchorman Peter Jennings died? There was noticeable change in the attitude
of US news reporters towards the Bush administration. I mentioned it to an
American friend at the time. Not that it matters, Bush was elected for a
fixed term of four years.
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Y'all are kidding, right? That started about the time Bush announced his first candidacy way back in 2000...
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Al Superczynski
Sorry, this was an accidental cross-posting from uk.rec.models.rail
My newsserver is not working properly so I have to manually copy & paste the name of the newsgroup every time I post.
My unresearved apologies.
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LOL I wondered what was going on! :-)
However, we may be able to get some advice here.
The original thread in uk.rec.models.rail involved a discussion of moving military vehicles on the railway system. kim and I have been discussing the possibility of building a rake of Centurion tanks on Warwell wagons. As far as I am aware, the only Centurion kit in 4mm scale (1/76th) is the old Airfix one.
Does anyone know of any others which may be available. The Hannants website certainly doesn't list any.
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Enzo Matrix

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