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can anyone find some pics of this? make a change from Navy version or Marines

I recall seeing photos of an EA-6B Prowler in what appeared to be USAF > SEA 3-tone camoufalge with "USAF" either on the fuselage or under a > wing (I can't remember exactly). I think the pictures date from the > early '70s and the EA-6B was apparently undergoing evaluation by the > USAF as an EW platform. The role was eventually filled by the EF-111A > for the USAF. > > Martin >
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Not exactly the same but I was told of A-5s with OD and Dark Green over regular gloss white on one carrier. There was also mention of an A-6 that was camouflaged on one side only. IIRC, it was painted in SEAC colours. I don't recall which side it was nor could I tell you which carrier this took place on. If I ever see my old friend and remember to ask him I might re-learn.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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Mad Modeller

I have an older book (20 years old or so), "Vietnam: The War in the Air", by Rene Francillon that has four pictures of various USN aircraft in these camo schemes. No dates are given, but some squadron & ship info is listed as follows:

page 122 - RA-5C from RVAH-11 on USS Kitty Hawk

Page 125 - 2 A-4C's from VA-113, USS Kitty Hawk

page 128 - F-4B from VF-114, USS Kitty Hawk

page 132 - A-6A, squadron unidentified, believed to be taken on board USS Coral Sea

I don't know if this info helps or not, hope it does.

John Bass Birmingham, AL

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