Revell airliner windows

Gents, Having recently bought a few of the excellent Revell airliner kits I was wondering what methods you used in dealing with the window apertures, especially those that reqiure decalling over? Cheers Steve

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If you have a steady hand and want them to remain clear, Krystal Clear, clearfix, watch crystal cement of plain white glue are all good.

There are several methods of closing them off. Some people put tape along the outside and then flood the window row with gap-filling superglue. You must be careful to allow any air bubbles to escape before spraying on the accelerator; Some line the inside with strip styrene and putty over the windows. Once again, be careful of air bubbles; Some use epoxy putty. Make a rope of putty and apply it to the window row from the inside. Force the putty into the windows so it comes out the openings, then carefully trim off the excess.

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